Illuminate Original

January 25-26, 2014 in Bellingham, WA.

How do you Encounter God?

The Illuminate Retreat will be January 25-26 in Bellingham, WA.  God created everyone unique, but He still created everyone for relationship with Him.  Therefore, we all relate to God in different ways.

  • Some of us relate to God when we’re outside exploring nature.
  • Some of us relate to God through creative arts.
  • Some of us encounter God by interacting with other people, while others encounter God through solitude.
  • Some relate to God most when they are serving with their hands, while others relate to God most by learning and engaging their minds.

The Illuminate Retreat is a personal worship retreat.  Participants will be introduced to a variety of spiritual disciplines, and they will be granted time for experimentation.  The end-goal for Illuminate is for participants to leave with two or three new spiritual practices to help them grow deeper in relationship with God.

Illuminate will be hosted at the Lakeway Inn of Bellingham, WA.  Click here for a map to the hotel.

The retreat begins Saturday morning, January 25, at 10:00.  Please eat breakfast before you come.  Lunch will be provided on Saturday, and then dinner will be on your own at the hotel restaurants or out in the city of Bellingham.  We will provide breakfast Sunday morning, and we will finish by 11:30am.

Stay tuned for future Illuminate Retreat dates!

Email Ryan if you have any questions about the Illuminate Retreat.