Join us for Class each Sunday @10:15 AM in Room 9.


Classes are on hold for the next two weeks due to
Northwest Directions and Easter. We will meet
again on April 15th @10:15 AM.

2012 Vision:
“2011 was about relationships,
2012 is about mission.”

CYAN is looking for volunteer leaders! If you are
interested, see either Jubal, Benji or
Jason for more information!


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[one_third_last]CYAN Calendar

July 12 – Kidz Camp Wrap Up Cook Out
We will be grilling up some awesome food for the Kidz Camp counselors on the last day of camp. We could really use some help and we have sign up sheets available during the CYAN class. People can also respond via the CYAN Facebook page.

July 15th/16th – Lake Goodwin Night
We will be driving out to meet the Northwest Youth at Lake Goodwin. We will be hosting a meal for them on one of these nights, and also enjoying some hangout time with them. Signup sheets are also available for this event during the CYAN class or via the CYAN Facebook page.


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