In Group

  • Write encouraging letters to Northwest Missionaries.
  • Write encouraging notes to Northwest Shut-ins.
  • Write encouraging notes to the Teens/Children.
  • Help group members with household fixes / yard work / car or computer maintenance, etc.
  • Send Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary packages to Northwest Missionaries.


Church Service Projects

  • Do yard work / household fixes for a Northwest Shut-in or PrimeTimer.
  • Game night at a Northwest Shut-in or PrimeTime’s home.
  • Provide babysitting for Northwest parents at the building by providing fun games for their kids.


Community Service Projects

  • Attend a local kid’s (someone you know!) sporting event and provide water and/or food for the team & parents.
  • Volunteer to clean up the grounds at a local school (or connect with a local school and ask what they need).
  • Throw a simple block party for the neighborhood where you meet.
  • If appropriate, consider hosting a party for someone’s co-workers / office.
  • Find a local charity in need of volunteers for a big event – such as 5K runs, fundraisers, etc.
  • Adopt the fire fighters or police personnel at your area station and see how you can best serve them.
  • Clean up the roadways and parks in your neighborhood.
  • Prepare and serve snacks for the Mobile Health Clinic on Friday afternoons (contact Kay Koontz).
  • Consider teaching English as a second language classes connected to after-school programs or Goodwill.


Area Service Projects

  • Do Search & Rescue with Union Gospel Mission.
  • Volunteer at Seattle Urban Academy.
  • Feed the homeless at one of the rescue missions in downtown Seattle – Union Gospel Mission, Bread of Life, Compass Center.
  • Cook and serve lunch under the freeway with Operation Sacklunch in downtown Seattle.
  • Volunteer to package food for the food banks at Northwest Second Harvest.
  • Volunteer at the Orion Center – a non-faith based agency that helps street kids.
  • Serve food at POPY’s Cafe in Shoreline.
  • Become a tutor at a local school.
  • Volunteer at the Northwest Center for Human Services.
  • Get together a work party and help build Vision House in Shoreline.
  • Volunteer at a local nursing home.
  • Get your entire group to volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the local YMCA, or Boys and Girls Clubs.
  • Participate in Sock It To Me at Operation Nightwatch.
  • Provide meals for students at Huskies for Christ.
  • Volunteer with Interfaith AIDS Alliance or Rosehedge House.


Regional and Global Projects

  • Travel as a group to volunteer for the weekend in an inner city church in Portland (or other close by location).
  • Contact the local tribal groups to see what kind of weekend projects that you can help with.
  • Mobilize your group to go help with disaster relief (floods, fires, etc) so that you can go as a group on short notice.
  • Travel to Mexico as a group and build a house with Club Rust or another organization.