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Community Groups.

People were created out of relationship and for relationship (Genesis 1:26-27; 2:18). We were never intended to experience life without friends. To this end, the Northwest Church encourages everyone to engage in at least one weekly rhythm of spending time with a smaller community of people to build deeper friendships.

Community Groups are one way Northwest helps people find community. Community Groups are designed to build friendships. Groups are usually 10-25 people who meet every week during the school year (except for typical holiday breaks). Each Community Group attempts to share food-fellowship on week 1, discuss God’s Word on weeks 2 & 3, and serve the community on week 4. This rotation allows groups to explore and develop relationships with each other, with God and with the community around them. Group gatherings may be nothing more than sharing a meal together. Other gatherings will include an opportunity to serve together. Other gatherings may include exploring different spiritual practices, worship, Bible study, sharing and praying together. Groups are also discussing twice a month the teachings of the Northwest Church.

Click here to see a listing of our regional Community Groups and to sign-up!
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Contact Ryan in the church office (206.364.2275) for more information about Community Groups.

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