The Merger of Shoreline & Northwest

The exciting story of how the merger happened is an obvious answer to prayer. On the first Sunday of January 2004, the Northwest Church of Christ saw a video sermon by Rick Atchley, the preaching minister for the Richland Hills Church of Christ in Fort Worth, delivered to the North American Christian Convention. In his charge Rick called for a family reunion in the Restoration Movement. He dreamed of a day when Christian Churches and Churches of Christ could get back together. After hearing that sermon, the members of the Northwest Church of Christ prayed the prayer that Jesus Himself first prayed in John 17 – a prayer for oneness and unity.

Only blocks away from the Northwest Church of Christ building, the Shoreline Christian Church had also been praying for a new vision and a fresh beginning. They had solicited the help of George Johnson of the Christian Evangelistic Association to study their congregation and make a recommendation. He recommended that the Shoreline Christian Church do what some might think was impossible – merge with the Northwest Church of Christ. The elders of the two congregations soon began discussing and praying about this possibility. And God made it happen. Both groups overwhelmingly aggreed that uniting would be good for our two congregations, and would enhance our witness to our community.

The churches merged September 12, 2004


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