History of the Shoreline Christian Church

The Shoreline Christian Church began serving the north Seattle area in February 1962. At that time four families, with the encouragement of Lew Whitney of the Greenwood Christian Church, began meeting in the Masonic Lodge in the Ravenna district. The new body of Christians identified themselves as the Ravenna Christian Church. During the early years the church was led by several men including Earl Ladd II, Ray Renzema, and Richard Owen. In 1965 the church moved to the YMCA facility in North City, changing her name to Shoreline Church of Christ. By 1966 the church had grown and decided to call her first full-time minister. Merl Beagle, who had been among the four founding families of the church in 1962, had recently graduated from Lincoln Christian Seminary in Illinois. Merl served as minister for nine years.

Mel Beagle

scc building

During his time at Shoreline the congregation enjoyed significant growth, purchased property, and constructed a building at 14800 First Avenue NE in Shoreline. In 1976 the church voted to change her name to Shoreline Christian Church. Men such as Don Johnson and Dr. Glen Basey led the congregation in the years that followed. The church enjoyed its largest membership ever during the ministry of Dr. Basey. Sam Harsin began his ministry at Shoreline in 2000 and was instrumental in facilitating the merger with the Northwest Church of Christ in 2004.

Over the years the Shoreline Christian Church has been involved in many various ministries including the Child Development Center and the Pleasant Valley Christian Camp. From its inception, the church has also been closely involved in missions. One of the four founding families of the church, the Van Dykes, served as missionaries in Southern Rhodesia beginning in 1964. Shoreline member Bob Wyrick ministered to street people in Seattle and went on to be the founder of Network Ministries to homeless families. Many other Shoreline members have served as short term missionaries going to such places as the Philippines and Mongolia. From the beginning of the congregation’s life, Shoreline has also been closely related to the leadership-preparation ministry of Puget Sound Christian College. Across the years many of the college’s faculty and staff have been members at Shoreline, and college students have worshiped and practiced ministry in the church.